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Newsletter Video, February 2019


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Here’s What You Need to Know About Back Pain and Physical Therapy

Here’s Why You Should See a Physical Therapist First if You Experience Lower Back Pain

  1. When referral for physical therapy is warranted for patients with acute LBP, immediate referral and initiation (within 3 days) may lead to lower health care utilization and LBP-related costs. (Reference)
  2. Patients with LBP who consulted primary care were referred for additional management, advanced imaging, and were associated with higher healthcare utilization and charges than physical therapy. (Reference)
  3. There was a lower risk of subsequent medical service usage among patients who received PT early after an episode of acute low back pain. (Reference)
  4. Early physical therapy following a new primary care consultation was associated with reduced risk of subsequent health care compared with delayed physical therapy. (Reference)

Physical Therapists Treat Most Back Pain Conditions

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If You Experience Back Pain, Here’s What You Can Do Immediately

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Some Thoughts on Preventing Lower Back Pain

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Here are Some Tips to Maintain a Healthy Blood Pressure

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