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Using the A.I.M. Patient Treatment Method,™ developed and used exclusively at Bodyworx Physical Therapy, patients can successfully return to their favorite activities with a minimum of time and expense. Why? If you seek treatment at Bodyworx Physical Therapy, less expense is required, on average, than if you were being seen by another physical therapist. Statistics provided to us by an independent healthcare company tell us that we are 29% more cost effective than other physical therapists in Kansas. We won’t schedule you for visits you don’t need. The bottom line is–you get better faster.

What it entails:

A – Assessment A comprehensive history will be taken followed by a thorough examination as it relates to your specific problem. Depending upon your condition, the following will be evaluated using the most up to date techniques: range of motion, strength, neurological status, muscle function, postural stresses, gait, and any other areas of concern.

I – Intervention After a discussion with you regarding your problem and available treatment options, appropriate interventions are applied to treat your pain or injury. This may include certain advanced therapeutic modalities, manual “hands on” therapy, or other treatments helpful for your specific condition.

M – Management This is the most important phase of treatment. We will teach you proven exercises, tools, and techniques that you can use on your own to treat your problem and prevent further pain and injury.

At Bodyworx Physical Therapy, our goal is for you to be so pleased with the care you receive, that you wouldn’t want to go anywhere else, and that you would passionately recommend us to your family and friends. Your success is our first priority!

“We were seen promptly upon arrival. Cody took a lot of time evaluating Brett’s painful area and then tailored his stretching exercises to hit those target areas.”

Lynn Slack

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