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Amazing! Have had shoulder pain since 2008. Have been to 2 doctors and 1 PT but never could make any progress at all. I had given up on it so many times. Started seeing Cody Barnett a month ago and now I am enjoying pain free bike rides for the first time in years! So happy! Literally the best money I ever spent! Highly recommend!

Zack Abercrombie, Wichita KS

"Bodyworx is awesome. I had been to another Physical Therapy Clinic but they did not diagnose my problem correctly. After 4 weeks I was in worse pain and could hardly walk. 30 minutes with the Bodyworx PT and he diagnosed my problem correctly and started working towards the solution. He identified the muscles that were causing the problem and worked to loosen them up along with the appropriate exercises for home. I am now walking better and on the road to recovery. Thanks Bodyworx!"

Jim Ritter, Wichita KS

"Cannot recommend Bodyworx enough! I had been dealing with some running related knee issues for a couple of months when I decided to contact Bodyworx. I had the pleasure of working with the Dr. and my experience couldn't have been any better. It took no time at all for the therapist to find the causes of my knee trouble and prescribe the course of action needed to address it. Within a couple weeks, and just a few visits, the pain is gone and my knee is almost back to 100%. Great people and great service! Very personable, and they go out of their way to make sure your visit is as enjoyable as possible."

Braden Bonesteel, Wichita KS

"I went in with what I thought was a knee injury from playing tennis - after 20 minutes on my first visit, they isolated the problem to my I. T. Band in my left leg. After 4 visits, the issue was all but gone! Provided me with some great information on how to do stretches to avoid future issues. Great place and very friendly staff! This will be the first place I go with my next tennis injury! I highly recommend Bodyworx!"

Michael Lowry, Wichita KS

"I was having pain in my knee for close to a month. I wasn't sure what I did to injure it. On my first visit they were able to determine nothing was torn and my IT band needed more stretching. He provided a clear set of stretches with explanation to perform over the next week. Within 2 days I had virtually no pain left. Within a week I was back to 100%. I was very impressed and satisfied with the quality of service I received in all aspects of my experience at the Bodyworx office. I highly recommend Bodyworx."

Josh Weiser, Wichita KS

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"Over the years I have spoken with numerous athletes whose dedication I admire. If they have had an injury, Cody Barnett's name is the name which came up. After suffering a hamstring injury that would not heal, I went to Cody. He helped me slowly progress to running again. And as I accumulated another injury, I've found myself relying on Cody's expertise to assist me back to running once again. His explanations of the needed exercises and how they assist with repair and strengthening are spot on. I have also entrusted him with my daughter's ailments and feel his advice and implemented strategies will provide her the results she needs to continue with her rowing. I wouldn't recommend anyone else but Cody."

Jennifer Alexander, Wichita KS

"As a lifelong runner I have become more injury prone over the years. I will admit I have 'runner's brain' and do not always listen to what my body is telling me. Cody is the first medical professional that I have met that I feel like understands the athlete in me. His goal is to get his patients back to healthy and their activity of choice as soon as possible. Cody is very intelligent, educated, compassionate, caring, and understanding. I recommend him to my closest friends and family!"

Katie Salsbury, Maize KS

"For the last 5 years, I had been suffering thru pain in my right arm/shoulder. I had been thru 3 doctors, 2 highly recommended specialists, Cortisone injections and 5 rounds of physical therapy to no avail. I was told that there was nothing that could be done to help me, and that they couldn't find anything wrong, except for beginning stages of Carpal Tunnel. I am a very active person, with a variety of recreational hobbies, including: bicycling, kayaking, archery, rock climbing and shooting. I had to give up on about 75% of my hobbies due to the pain. I couldn't even perform daily tasks such as keyboarding, driving a stick shift or writing. It was also beginning to effect my mental state, as I was becoming depressed from not being able to enjoy what I love. Then, I was referred to Bodyworx. It was amazing to have someone actually listen to, and acknowledge what was happening, Cody accurately gave me a viable diagnosis within the first hour. Within a month and a half, I had resumed most of my activities. Today, my shoulder is pain free, and I have full range of motion. To say that I am elated with my results is not sufficient. I can't say enough, how grateful I am to Cody, and all of the staff at Bodyworx! They are all professional, caring, helpful and very knowledgable. Thanks again, Bodyworx, I tell everyone I know about you."

Genai Heyer, Wichita KS

"I'm a runner-and hitting the road in the morning is my church, my sanity. But last fall I tore my hamstring and I found myself running in pain with every step. I booked an appointment with Cody and was delighted to hear him say "my goal is to keep you running"! Through his knowledge and guidance I gained back my strength and flexibility and I'm thrilled to say I'm doing what I love again, PAINFREE!"

Tammy Ritchie, Wichita KS

"Bodyworx not only helped relieve severe pain that the MD said could only be helped with nauseating painkillers, but was able to teach me effective exercises to continue the improvement on my own at home. I recommend Bodyworx to anyone experiencing physical pain. I can guarantee you that if they feel you need additional help, they will let you know. Character and skill!

Elizabeth Ragan Burr, Wichita KS

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"Wow--my elbow is feeling great! Treatment was great and pain free. Cody knew what my goals were and helped me to achieve them. Schedule an appointment and you will be on your way to a pain free life!"

Karen MacGregor, Derby KS

"The exercises were emailed and I could see how I should perform them. Plus-I got good results! Cody knows what he's doing. The treatments he suggested worked!"

Janet Kaufman Wichita KS

"The care that I received from Cody was outstanding. He took the time to understand my exact situation and the expectations I had. He helped me quickly get back to the level of performance I was at and gave me the knowledge that helped me prevent injuries in the future."

Marc Friesen, North Newto KS Ultramarathoner and 100km All American

"Make an appointment. You'll know at the first appointment you are in the right place."

Nancy Sherwood, Andover KS

"I looked forward to my appointments as I knew I'd feel much better on leaving. I'd recommend this facility without any hesitation. I truly enjoyed and looked forward to my visits with you."

Doris McDonald, Wichita KS

"This office is very friendly and caring. They work fast to get you cured."

Zona Ballou, Wichita KS

"Cody is excellent. He listens to complaints and then fixes the problem."

Jo Ann Rima, Wichita KS

"We were seen promptly upon arrival. Cody took a lot of time evaluating Brett's painful area and then tailored his stretching exercises to hit those target areas."

Lynn Slack, Wichita KS

"Cody's professional care has always been exceptional! He combines knowledge, experience and a great gift for diagnosis to help me solve problems and improve performance. I wholeheartedly recommend him, especially if you're a runner or a cyclist!!"

Bill Cook, Wichita KS

"I would highly recommend others try this approach. Cody had a good knowledge of what my problems were and how to approach correcting them."

Lucretia Stetler, Wichita KS

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