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“The care that I received from Cody was outstanding. He took the time to understand my exact situation and the expectations I had. He helped me quickly get back to the level of performance I was at and gave me the knowledge that helped me prevent injuries in the future.”

Marc Friesen Ultramarathoner and 100km All American

Cody Barnett, PT Named best physical therapist in Wichita KS

Cody Barnett PT Orthopedic Physical Therapist, Concussion Specialist

Bodyworx founder, Cody Barnett PT, has been helping people overcome pain and injury since 1991, when he graduated with honors from Wichita State University. Developer of the AIM Patient Treatment Method, he has taught courses at the collegiate level in anatomy, orthopedics, and rehabilitation, and is a contributing writer to and MDNews. He has performed isokinetic strength testing at the NFL Combine. A leader for over 30 years in treating runners and foot pain, he specializes in helping people overcome back and neck pain, knee, hip, and shoulder injury, as well as concussion recovery. A past president of the Kansas River Valley Triathlon Club, Cody stays active with running, cycling, pickleball, and paddleboarding. The most memorable moments of his career have been seeing his patients achieve something they didn’t think was previously possible. Watching patients take up a new sport or hobby, returning to fun activities again such as kayaking or gardening, or running with the Olympic torchare all highlights that make his day and keep him looking forward to each new client he see’s at Bodyworx. See what else Cody has been up to here.
“Dr. Damien has helped me overcome back pain that persisted well over a year! I was skeptical at first, but I am now back to playing pickleball, going on walks with my husband, and I can now say “YES” to fun family activities with the kids again. He has also helped my teenage daughter with her hip and knee problems she suffered with during high school sports. Thank you Bodyworx!”

Pam H Age 53, Derby KS

Damien Hiser Top physical therapist Wichita KS

Dr. Damien Hiser, DPT Orthopedic Physical Therapist and Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Damien is a graduate of Wichita State University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program, where he was named the Outstanding Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy Student. Dr. Damien also earned a bachelors degree at Friends University where he competed on the track and cross-country teams, earning All-Conference Honors. Dr. Damien is an avid runner and hiker, continually competing in numerous local road races as well as having summited ten 14,000+ft mountains in Colorado. Dr. Damien is a Wichita native, and he loves serving those in the Wichita community suffering from pain and injury. Dr. Damien is currently furthering his clinical knowledge and expertise by pursuing a manual therapy fellowship through the prestigious Manual Therapy Institute to better solve the problems that patients face due to injury and pain. (Less than 1% of all physical therapists earn this fellowship distinction!) In addition, Dr. Damien is a specialist in helping people overcome chronic, persistent pain without the need for unnecessary surgery or injections. Dr. Damien specializes in keeping people mobile, active, and off pain pills. His greatest joy is bringing positive change to people’s lives as they return to the activities they love, such as exercise, playing with the kids, going on trips, and living amazing lives. See what else Dr. Damien has been up to here.

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