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Top 10 Ways Athletes Can Prevent Sports Injuries in 2024

While most athletes understand the basic principles of injury prevention, the real challenge lies in consistently¬†executing these strategies within their training and daily routines. Knowing is just half the battle; actively applying this knowledge is what truly minimizes injury risk. Here are the Top 10 Ways Athletes Can Prevent Sports Injuries in 2024: 1. Prioritize […]

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Senior Woman Exercising Using A Resistance Band Whilst Balancing On A Stability Ball

Elderly Fall Prevention To Reduce Your Fall Risk

Have you been struggling to get out of your chair, needing to grab onto furniture when walking around your home and terrified of falling when climbing up and down the stairs? At our Wichita Physical Therapy clinic, we see lots of elderly patients worried about their balance, and looking to reduce their fall risk. Thankfully, […]

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