Elderly Fall Prevention To Reduce Your Fall Risk

Senior Woman Exercising Using A Resistance Band Whilst Balancing On A Stability Ball

Have you been struggling to get out of your chair, needing to grab onto furniture when walking around your home and terrified of falling when climbing up and down the stairs?

At our Wichita Physical Therapy clinic, we see lots of elderly patients worried about their balance, and looking to reduce their fall risk.

Thankfully, elderly fall prevention strategies can make a big difference and enable you to stay safe, and confident on your feet.

In this blog, we will share a simple balance test that you can do at home, as well as proven tips to improve your balance and reduce your fall risk.

Simple Balance Test For Those Worried About Their Fall Risk

Bodyworx founder, Cody Barnett, talks us through a simple balance test in this video that you can use at home.

If you try this test, and cannot hold your balance comfortably for 10 seconds, this is an indication that this is something you need to address quickly.

Keys To Elderly Fall Prevention

Address Injuries And Chronic Conditions

An injury, or chronic conditions such as Arthritis, affect movement, balance and co-ordination and increase your fall risk.

Recover from injuries which have left you walking with a limp, or mean that your ankles, knees or hips feel weak and give way beneath you.

Improve Your Balance And Reduce Your Fall Risk

When treating patients who’ve had falls in the past, balance exercises are a crucial part of recovery.

From a physical perspective, these exercises train and strengthen the muscles that help your joint stability, and balance.

From a mental perspective, balance exercises can help rebuild confidence that often plummets after a fall.

There are a range of balance and co-ordination exercises.

Keep Active

Staying active, whether that’s a sport, hobby or just being more active in your day to day life, can be a powerful way to prevent falls.

As well as helping you make the most of later life and retirement, staying active will mean that you stay strong and capable of managing your daily activities with ease.

Consider Your Lifestyle

If falls are a big concern for you, addressing lifestyle factors can also help.

Alcohol is something that is known to impair balance and co-ordination so avoiding alcohol, or reducing your consumption can help you reduce your fall risk.

Another factor to consider is medication. Whilst you should not stop any medication you are currently on without first consulting your doctor.

You can speak to them to see whether their side effects include light headedness, blurred vision or drowsiness which can all contribute to a fall. If any medication does have these side effects, it may be possible to switch to alternatives which has lesser impact on your balance and co-ordination.

Finally, look around your home carefully and spot the things that could trip you up, or cause you to slip. Loose rugs, wires, protruding furniture and much more can create a fall hazard which you can easily avoid.

Most Effective Way To Reduce Your Fall Risk

If you’re anxious and fearful of a fall, and feel you need more support, our team is here to help.

From working with hundreds of elderly patients, and those recovering from balance-impairing injuries, we have proven strategies to help you rebuild your confidence and stay safe on your feet. This means that you can enjoy your retirement, stay active, remain independent and social with your friends and family doing the things you love.

We use a state-of-the-art computerized balance testing machine in our #1 ranked Wichita physical therapy clinic, which tells us down to the millimeter what your balance and fall risk is.

If you want to understand the exact cause of your poor balance and get a tailored plan to reduce your fall risk, this balance assessment is perfect for you.

Call us on (316) 558-8808 to arrange your Balance Assessment today!

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