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Top 10 Ways Athletes Can Prevent Sports Injuries in 2024

While most athletes understand the basic principles of injury prevention, the real challenge lies in consistently¬†executing these strategies within their training and daily routines. Knowing is just half the battle; actively applying this knowledge is what truly minimizes injury risk. Here are the Top 10 Ways Athletes Can Prevent Sports Injuries in 2024: 1. Prioritize […]

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Heel Pain and Plantar Fasciitis Treatment in Wichita, KS

Heel pain and Plantar Fasciitis can be one of the most frustrating problems a person can experience! Plantar fasciitis can limit pleasurable activities such as walking, running, standing while baking in the kitchen, and generally enjoying life. The most common complaints with plantar fasciitis include heel pain (sometimes worse in the morning), foot pain, arch […]

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Hit by a car at 60 MPH and recovered to carry the Olympic torch!

Adversity. We all have it. It takes different forms, but we all go through it in some way or another. Stress, personal relationships, illness, painful conditions, work life, financial strain, death of a loved one. You name it, and we all go through it at some point. So how do we get through it? Can […]

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