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3 Exercises To Do When You Have Back Pain

Today I want to talk to you about what type of exercise is okay and beneficial> to do when you’re having back pain.

A common question that we are asked almost every day from people with back pain is: can I go back to exercise or can I exercise? And the short answer for most people is yes, absolutely! And in fact, there’s very, very good evidence and research that shows that strict bed rest is actually detrimental. We want to get people moving as much as we can when they’re having a back pain episode.

Three types of exercise you can do and actually should be beneficial for you to do when you’re having back pain are:

  1. Swimming pool: if you have access to one, is a great way to be doing a little bit of movement when you’re having an episode of back pain. Typically, if we’re in water up to about mid-chest, then we’re only weight bearing about 20% and it’s like walking on the moon. Basic exercise and movements in the pool can be a very beneficial way to get muscles moving and loosened up without creating pain. Doing things like just walking in the pool, walking back and forth, walking side-to-side, using a float and doing some gentle cycling movements in water can be really, really beneficial when you’re having problems.
  2. Recumbent bicycle: that has a backrest so you can recline just a little bit while cycling will allow an easier type of movement for the lower back without creating problems. This would be a great option for you, provided it feels good and comfortable for you.
  3. Walking: may sound brutally simple, but number three is, going for a walk. Brief walks throughout the day, maybe a couple times a day if you’re having an episode of pain even 10 minutes up and down the street or a walk around the block can be really helpful getting stuff moving. It makes our hips move. It makes our pelvis move. It makes our lower back move.

Of course, if any of these should aggravate you, feel free to reach out to us and let us know. Generally speaking, for most people, these are three things that can be both good to do and can actually help speed the process of improving back pain.

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Until next time,

Cody Barnett PT
Orthopedic Physical Therapist
Back Pain Specialist

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