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Arthritis and Cold Laser

This week I want to go over some info on arthritis. We’ve had some patients in the clinic this week with some arthritic issues, and I wanted to tell you what we’re doing for this. One of the treatments we’re finding that actually helps really well is something called an 830 nanometer cold laser. This cold laser is the most internationally studied cold laser in the world. They’re using this after surgery; they’re using it with the NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball. They’re now using this at the Olympic training centers.

There are three lasers that come out of this unit, and they penetrate about five centimeters deep or so. There’s actually lots of things the cold laser does but I’m going to kind of give you a few examples. It helps generate new and healthy tissue, and it helps reduce inflammation and swelling but there’s a whole list of other things it does, including increased metabolic activity within the cell for healing. And there are no bad side effects. We’re seeing this really work well with patients with knee arthritis, hip arthritis, and I’ve got a shoulder arthritis patient I’m using it with, just this morning, and she’s doing much better. I have a tennis player, who got caught back on a forehand, tore a rotator cuff. She’s got surgery scheduled, but she’s got some neck and shoulder blade problems too, so she’s getting some laser. After just two treatments, her shoulder is actually feeling better and she’s encouraged.

If you have any arthritic issues, or muscle pain/injury, the cold laser is a great compliment to your entire treatment program.

To see the laser in action, check out this video, or to hear about its use on plantar fasciitis, listen to this podcast.

Come on in and see us if you have any of these issues, or if you just have any questions about this or any other treatment at our office, feel free to give us a call at (316) 558-8808.


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