Flip Flops – Should I wear them? Can I wear them?

It's summertime and the big topic that always comes up around here is... SHOULD I wear flip flops or CAN I wear flip flops?

Our first question that we typically ask our patients, is number one, are your shoes TOOLS or JEWELS? And we'd really like them to be tools instead of jewels. Now, we're not a big fan of flip flops because they're flat and they're usually not very supportive, and I'll be really blunt with you, we get an awful lot of business because of flip flops. I suppose it might be better for our business if you keep wearing them ☺ LOL

But that being said, Lori has been generous and gracious enough to allow me to show you her feet. She has a type of flip flop that's a really, really good type of flip flop, so if you are going to use flip flops, this is the best choice to buy.

You can see that her sandal, has a nice deep heel cup that allows her heel a place to rest. You can also see that it has a nice arch built in that comes right up into her arch when she places her foot into the flip flop. If you're going to wear flip flops this summer, a shoe with this type of support would be a good option to choose. You can look for a shoe like this next time you visit a shoe store or running store.

Questions? Feel free to call us here at (316) 558-8808. And, as always, we want to keep you mobile, active, and off pain pills. Contact us if you would like to visit with us about your unique situation.

Until next time,
Cody Barnett PT
Orthopedic Physical Therapist, Concussion Rehab Specialist

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