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Dry Needling in Wichita KS

Dry needling in Wichita, KS

Dry Needling can quickly improve muscular pain and tightness

Looking for Dry Needling in Wichita, KS?

Looking for information on Dry Needling in Wichita, KS? You have come to the right place. Our rockstar physical therapists at Bodyworx have specialized in dry needling for several years. Dry needling can be part of a comprehensive treatment program to solve both acute and chronic pain.

What exactly is Dry Needling?

Functional Dry Needling involves using a super-fine needle. It's about the same thickness as fishing line and can be inserted into the trigger point of the muscle. The trigger point of a muscle is a very small localized area. Think of it as a small area with a miniature muscle spasm or "Charlie Horse". The trigger points will frequently refer pain to other places of the body, and frequently be a source of chronic pain.

Here's how it works: We clean the skin with alcohol and identify the area of tenderness. You'll feel a little tap, and then because this needle is not hollow and because it's very thin, there's not a lot of discomfort. A twitchy feeling or a deep ache may be felt but it's relatively comfortable.

While leaving the needle in place, we typically use a little bit of what's called biphasic stimulation. We will use a little bit of mild current which will cause a very mild muscle contraction. It feels like a heartbeat, and it's not harmful and should not be painful.

What is Dry Needling used for?

Functional Dry Needling can be beneficial for tender and tight areas of the neck, back, shoulder, upper trapezius, back of the shoulder blade and other muscles in the hips and legs. The research and science on this treatment is solid, and we see excellent results with our clients.

It is common for our clients to report pain relief during the very first treatment session!

Is Dry Needling painful?

Dry needling is typically tolerated by most people quite well! It does use a needle--that's true--but it is extremely small diameter. Most people describe it as an ache or a twitch.

Be wary of ...

Be wary of healthcare providers who ONLY provide dry needling. Research (and our experience with thousands of patients) shows dry needling works best when coupled with other hands on treatments and prescribed corrective exercises. Rarely should it be employed as a standalone procedure.

Watch us perform Dry Needling in this video

What are the next steps to see if Dry Needling will help my pain problem?

If you are wondering if Dry Needling can help your pain, please feel free to Contact us here, or give us a call at 316-558-8808. We would be happy to set up a no-obligation phone, video, or in person meeting with you to discuss your particular pain problem and whether or not dry needling would help.

What if I don't live in Wichita, and would like to get Dry Needling?

It is common for us to see clients who visit us from outside the Wichita Metro area, or from other states (we had clients from 9 different states last year). We would be happy to have you contact us and discuss what a treatment plan might look like for your unique situation!

We love to keep people in Wichita (as well as Derby, Andover, Goddard, and Maize)  mobile, active, and off pain pills, so if you are struggling with pain, don't continue to suffer, give us a call at 316-558-8808 or contact us here and lets chat.

Until next time,

Cody Barnett PT

Orthopedic Physical Therapist

Pain Specialist

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